Blog Post #2 -Compare/Contrast Two Museum Websites

Site 1:

Grant's Old Mill Website photo

The first museum site I will be analyzing is the Grant’s Old Mill Museum website. Grant’s Old Mill is a historical landmark located in St James with a structural history dating back to the 1850s. The website is fairly basic, featuring extensive written history of the mill. The navigation could use some revising, as there are three options, followed by ‘more’ which opens up a huge list of other menu items. Aesthetically, the site could really use a facelift. There is almost no branding to be seen, and existing colours, textures, and patterns are not doing the site any favours. This is a site that would benefit greatly from a redesign.


Site 2:

Winnipeg Art Gallery Website Image

The second site I will be examining is the Winnipeg Art Gallery website. Honestly, I was surprised and a little disappointed with the site, I guess I was expecting a little more from Winnipeg’s largest and most renowned art gallery. The design of the site is not particularly interesting, but perhaps more importantly, it is also not responsive. I was also a little confused about the branding as I was pretty sure the WAG’s brand colour was a red, but the logo in the header is orange… Not sure what’s going on there. Also the rollover for the boxes in the body portion is just that the text turns italic, which is annoyingly too subtle a change. This site could also use a bit of a overhaul to bring it into the modern age.


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