Blog Post #3 – The Pros and Cons of Drones

Dangerous drone illustration
Illustration by Robert Neubecker

Drones are an exciting new technology that has in recent years become readily available to the general public. People love them, because they are fun to fly, and you can get super-awesome aerial shots like this. However, there is a certain responsibility that you take on as a drone operator.  It is all too common that people treat them like toys, that is to say that they do not take the operation of the drones seriously. That mindset becomes increasingly dangerous in a grey-area point in time where they are not properly regulated and efficient security systems have not yet been set in place for government-controlled airspace and private property. Not to mention the very real issue of drone-airplane collisions. This article in Popular Mechanics explores these dangers in further detail.

All in all, there needs to be regulation. All drones and drone operators should be officially registered and operators should receive proper in-depth training in order to operate the drones safely and responsibly. Here is a link to the Unmanned Vehicle University, just one of many institutions that are offering training for drones. These machines need to be thought of not as toys, but as the aircrafts that they are.


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  1. Well written, thanks. Some beautiful shots in the first video! And, I’m glad I read this after flying home safely. Please make sure links to external sites open in a new tab or window. Thanks!


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